"It is a pity that we know so much about Christ, and yet enjoy Him so little."

- Charles Spurgeon
It is not only possible, it is essential.

Well, I'm hooked. It could almost be considered an addiction. From what I hear, it's "sweeping the nation". Every night before I go to bed, you could bet that at some point in time during the day, I've completed a Sudoku puzzle (pronounced "sue-dock-oo" with equal emphasis on each syllable).

Are you as into this as I am? Seriously. I have a computer program on my laptop, a book of puzzles that I go through and I hit up Web Sudoku at least 4-5 times a week.

For the unitiated, the rules are as follows:
In an 9x9 square grid, (made up of 9 3x3 grids or "regions"), simply fill each individual box with a numeral 1-9. You cannot replicate a number inside a row, column or component 3x3 region.

That's it. The puzzle comes with some boxes already filled in, you just do the rest. The less amount of given numbers, the harder the puzzle.

Here's an example:
Click on me for the solution!

For those not mathematically inclined, no worries. The puzzle requires no math outside of recognizing the difference between each single-digit number. It's more of a logic puzzle than anything else. If you're interested, check it out!


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Comments on "It is not only possible, it is essential.":
1. Quaid - 01/07/2006 5:20 am CST

Fake prizes for whoever gets my reference . . .

(Stroke is ineligible)

2. Gaddabout - 01/07/2006 8:40 am CST

"How is it possible to be triggered automatically, and at the same time impossible to untrigger?"

3. Raindream - 01/07/2006 10:31 am CST

I saw these puzzles for the first time recently. My niece twice removed--or something--had a book of them which she got from her father.

4. Ellen - 01/07/2006 11:30 am CST

It's an addiction - I have websudoku bookmarked on my computer as well (my average time is 3:55 - on easy)

5. salguod - 01/07/2006 4:43 pm CST

My 5th grade daughter has had to do one a night (I think) for math homework since school started. Ok my wife just said she's done 65, is that one a night? Anyway, that's how I learned about them. They are kinda fun, but I'm not a puzzle kind of guy so I'm immune to the addiction.

6. KristinW - 01/07/2006 8:30 pm CST

If you like web sudoku, I think you'll really like Fiendish Sudoku:


- It has hand-made puzzle layouts instead of web sudoku's random computer-generated layouts.

- It can give hints and step-by-step solutions.

- It has a choice of three grid sizes, nice if you have a high-res display.

7. Damon - 01/09/2006 3:26 am CST

Thanks...that's all I needed, one more distraction from work. :-)

8. Pigwotflies - 01/09/2006 4:30 am CST

Sudoku are over the place in the UK at the moment. The Telegraph began carrying them and other national papers followed their trend. Now they're everywhere, there are books and competitions and Carol Vorderman's making lots of money out of them. (not that you'll know who she is, she's a sort of one-woman make maths glamourous campaign). Personally I prefer cryptic crosswords. The result is much more satisfying.

9. RadioDad - 01/09/2006 7:51 am CST

Bad enough I bought a huge book of these and went through half of it in one day...now they're online too? ;-)

10. Quaid - 01/09/2006 10:45 am CST

Congrats Gaddabout! This wasn't a hard one . . . but props nonetheless!

For those not aware, the title is a movie quote from Dr. Strangelove.

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