"It is easy to talk about the errors, theological and others, of Communism. It is dangerously easy to succumb to triumphalism as we peer into the casket at its wake. But one must ask how much of Western culture is generating new barbarisms as we, along different axes and with different forms of government, adopt not dissimilar and equally unbiblical perspectives in our own societies: that human beings are not individually all that important, and, above all, that we are not wicked, and not accountable to ourselves, scarcely to the state, and certainly not to God."

- D.A. Carson
Recent Comments:
1. Bill - 12/27/2015 8:17 am CST

We've thought about a plastic Ono band follow up, but that idea seems to have died on the vine :-)

2. walter grumpius - 12/26/2015 3:05 am CST

The fools! The fools!

What color is it? It is Gatorade-colored, of course.

But the initial quarrel did make for an extremely funny thread.

Now which of you is going to start up the blog equivalent of Plastic Ono Band?

3. DLE - 09/15/2015 9:19 am CDT
commenting on The End

So many of those original Godblogs and Godbloggers that started about the same time as I did with mine have ridden off into the sunset.

Feels lonesome.

Happy trails, Thinklings!

4. DLE - 09/15/2015 9:19 am CDT
commenting on The End

So many of those original Godblogs and Godbloggers that started about the same time as I did with mine have ridden off into the sunset.

Feels lonesome.

Happy trails, Thinklings!

5. Lauren (Bjorman) Mulford - 02/26/2015 8:43 pm CST
commenting on The End

I don't know why only part of my name appeared above. Sorry.

6. Bjorman) Mulford - 02/26/2015 8:42 pm CST
commenting on The End

I've only popped in every few months in the past few years (marriage, kids, career) but I always liked the idea that you guys would be here. I don't even know how I found you. I think it really was the color of Gatorade post and then I was like "thinklings sounds like inklings. Maybe these guys are cool." so I guess find me on facebook. I'll start updating my blog again. Baby 4 is due Sept 23. I love you guys as much as someone can love Internet strangers.

7. Lauren (Bjorman) Mulford - 02/26/2015 8:33 pm CST

I came here today to look for the old thread. I came across another color puzzler. Thoughts? http://www.buzzfeed.com/catesish/help-am-i-going-insane-its-definitely-blue?bffb&utm_term=4ldqpgp#.duRMx1bv0

That Gatorade is yellow.

8. Raindream - 02/14/2015 1:24 pm CST
commenting on The End

You know, a Thinklings podcast could be a winner. Thirty minutes of good conversation occasionally--mini-Moot like. What do you think?

9. Tom - 02/10/2015 3:19 pm CST
commenting on The End

Thanks for the fun, guys. I'll miss it.

10. Manders - 02/07/2015 6:49 pm CST
commenting on The End

The end of an era! Thank you for a good long run, gentlemen.

11. Milly - 02/04/2015 5:52 pm CST


12. Ugo - 02/02/2015 9:09 am CST
commenting on The End

This was the first blog I ever visited (I first commented on the 'Let's Talk About Protestantism and Catholicism' thread) and I have visited the blog frequently over the years for the owners' conservative yet astute insight into things.

Thinklings.org was the one place I was certain of getting Protestant arguments that contained well seasoned with reason and no fundamentalism, where a Catholic like myself could enjoy an honest, respectable debate.

It was real fun while it lasted.

13. NHE - 01/29/2015 10:01 am CST

Are we back?....yay!

14. Milly - 01/26/2015 10:28 pm CST


15. Ugo - 01/24/2015 3:06 pm CST

It's over ten years, and you've resurrected this debate again?


16. Daniel Ross - 01/19/2015 8:34 am CST
commenting on The End

I love you guys! Thanks for the memories. It was a lot of fun over the years.

17. Milly - 01/15/2015 11:14 pm CST

Salguod! You are only half right, right.

18. Milly - 01/15/2015 11:12 pm CST

Wow! Bird is still soooooo wrong after all these years!

19. Bird - 01/15/2015 8:57 am CST

Green. Of course. Green. GREEN!


20. Milly - 01/12/2015 9:17 pm CST

It's mellow yellow. Not green like a bean

21. salguod - 01/12/2015 5:36 pm CST

The left side is green, the right side is yellow.

But if I've got to pick one (and I know I do), it's absolutely green. The yellow is simply a trick of lighting.

22. Karl - 01/12/2015 4:31 pm CST


Light green, lime green or what have you. But whatever it is, it is a shade of green. So if the choices are only yellow or green, it is green.

23. G. Frederick - 01/12/2015 3:18 pm CST

GREEN!!!! Without doubt, so says the guy who wears one black and one navy blue sock on occasion.

24. Milly - 01/11/2015 9:09 pm CST

Hey!!! Back at ya!

25. Milly - 01/11/2015 9:08 pm CST

I called and emailed the company, it is yellow.

26. Neo - 01/10/2015 9:27 pm CST
commenting on The End

Some good stuff here. Hope your future plans go well.
Removing from RSS.
God bless.

27. Flyaway - 01/10/2015 12:01 am CST


28. Bill - 01/09/2015 11:20 pm CST

Hey Milly! Hey Mrs. Ellen! Good to hear from you.

By the way, I looked up the color. It's #00FF00. Otherwise known as Green.

29. Milly - 01/09/2015 9:15 pm CST
commenting on The End


30. Milly - 01/09/2015 9:14 pm CST

She would say "Milly is right, I am yellow-green"

31. MzEllen (Newly of California and now Mrs - 01/09/2015 6:13 pm CST

I think that would be close to #D5DD40 - "bitter lemon," in the green hues

32. Bill - 01/09/2015 4:17 pm CST

InklingStar - she'd actually most likely say it's yellow, because she's a chick.

BIF - Well said, correctly said, expertly said, succinctly said!

33. Brian in Fresno - 01/09/2015 3:56 pm CST

It's green.

34. Brian (Inklingstar) - 01/09/2015 3:51 pm CST

But she doesn't have a lot to say.

If she did, she would say it is the perfect balance of yellow and green.

35. Flyaway - 01/09/2015 10:52 am CST
commenting on The End


36. Bill - 01/09/2015 6:03 am CST
commenting on The End

Milly, thank you for your comment. But the low-level employee you spoke with is obviously wrong. I didn't need to call the company, I just looked at the bottle.

It's green. Completely freaking green.


37. Milly - 01/08/2015 11:10 pm CST
commenting on The End

Yellow green, I called and emailed the company.

38. Flyaway - 01/08/2015 2:19 pm CST
commenting on The End

Greenish yellow!


39. Bird - 01/08/2015 1:53 pm CST
commenting on The End


40. David Axberg - 01/07/2015 2:10 pm CST
commenting on The End

Thank you and keep writing in other places. God Bless Now!