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Ever Been Skiing In New Mexico?

Soon we are going to pack up all six of us and head to New Mexico to Ski Apache. Have any of you ever been there? Have any tips for us? We've never been skiing before as a family, so we need to learn the ropes.

Just wondering - any advice will be much appreciated.


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1. John S. - 03/04/2005 4:40 pm CST

I was stationed (Air Force) in Albuquerque the past 4 years, and made it down to Ski Apache a couple of times. You should have a fabulous time. It is a great mountain with many blue/intermediate runs, and even has a gondola lift! I'm not sure I can offer advice for family skiing, but I guess it would depend on each person's proficiency level. When going skiing with groups, I've always found the most enjoyment by breaking up (at least for part of the day) into smaller groups based on ability so that people don't feel like their being held back or holding back everyone else. Otherwise, take some sunscreen and stay hydrated. Have fun!

2. - 03/04/2005 5:39 pm CST

Have any tips for us?

Yeah. Don't fall off the skis. :-)

Seriously, though, having never been snow skiing before,I can not offer any advice. All I can do is say that I envy you, Bill. As much as I despise snow in general (having spent my formative years in Minot, North Dakota - about 20 minutes south of the Canadian border) I have to say that I wish I had been afforded the opportunity to try snow skiing.

Have fun, bud!

3. Jackson - 03/04/2005 6:48 pm CST

I've been there. It's a great family place--lots of kids there.

4. TulipGirl - 03/04/2005 8:23 pm CST

We went skiing when I was younger in NM. Can't remember where--but it was great. During the week, not tons of people (except Wed, when the local school takes all the kids skiing.)

Have fun!

5. Bill - 03/05/2005 1:57 am CST

Thanks all - we're getting excited!

I have some specific questions I was wondering about - any advice on ski school? We have four kids aged 15 to 7, none have ever been skiing. We're planning on doing 2 days of ski school for them - is that a good plan? Any advice on where to rent the skis? How's the lodge? Does it serve decent food? What's the best green slope for newbies?

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me

6. John S. - 03/05/2005 2:46 am CST

With no skiing experience, ski school is definitely a good choice for the kids (at least one day for sure). I'd bet that the older kids will be ready to charge off on their own after 1 day of school and may not need a second day, but play it by year. As far as I remember you can rent all of the equipment right there at the mountain. I can't offer to much advice on the lodge food as I would always pack my own, but I'm sure it's fine (usually lodge food can be a tad expensive, though). As far as a good green slope, just talk to the ski school instructors and they'll point you in the right direction.

7. Shrode - 03/05/2005 3:28 am CST

I second the advice about breaking up based on ability. There is no way everyone can stay together all the time.

Have a schedule. Where you all begin together for a couple green slopes, and then send off the better skiers to do their own thing. Then meet back at the lodge for lunch.

Trying to keep groups together where there are different proficiency levels often results in injury. (The better skiers doing stupid stuff on the greens to make it more interesting or the lesser skiers just trying to keep up. Peer pressure, even unspoken, can be a dangerous thing on the ski slope.)

We only had one family ski trip. (My mom, dad, sister and me.) My sister ended up with a back injury that haunts her to this day. (She was 17 at the time.) Part of the blame comes from me pushing her to do more than she was able. (I was the better skier.) I don't think my Dad ever forgave himself, because taking the whole fam was his idea.

Don't get me wrong. Skiing is great fun. But the togetherness part as a family, needs to come from eating in town together in the evenings, and sharing stories from the slopes around the fire at night. Don't force yourselves to stay together during the day. Two's and three's is best.

8. Jackson - 03/05/2005 3:49 am CST

All the equipment can be rented there.

They have a good ski school--that's where I learned how to ski, as a matter of fact. It's right next to the lodge and I think there is a morning and afternoon class. There were lots of adults in it when I went through, and they have separate groups for kids. You can drop them off at school and go ski while they learn.

I don't remember about the food.

9. Bill - 03/05/2005 4:02 am CST

Thanks everyone - keep that advice coming! Also, if there are any recommendations for good restaurants for after the skiing, let me know

Oh, and Shrode, thanks for scaring the pellets out of us. :-)

Seriously, we are intending on splitting up anyway (although we haven't worked the logistics out all the way) but my big fear is one of my kids trying to do too much. A young man at my son's school died on a ski trip when he hit a tree. So we're praying for no injuries (or worse). I broke my leg in Austria when I was a kid because I decided to go down a slope too challenging for me. And I hit moguls. Dumb . . .

10. Quaid - 03/06/2005 6:24 pm CST

You've been to Austria?

I never knew ye to be so cultured.

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