That Special Book

I've got more Bibles than I can count, and, much to Jack T. Chick's chagrin, I've got multiple translations.

My primary Bible is a genuine leather NKJV New Geneva Study Bible. The Thinklings might recall an email exchange, circa 1999, when we discussed the purchase of Bibles and all that goes along with such an endeavor. The end result was me purchasing the Bible I use today.

I like the feel of the genuine leather in my hands (as opposed to the ubiquitous bonded leather). I like the familiarity of knowing where all of my favorite passages are, and accessing them with the flick of a wrist.

Even during the height of my rebellion, I always read scripture. The inspired word always resonated with me, convicted me, wooed me. I often think how fortunate we are that most of us can read, and that Bibles (at least in America) are cheap and universal.

I imagine I'll start looking to replace my primary Bible when it's about ten years old, and that'll be in about two years. My plan is to use a Bible for about ten years, pack it away somewhere, and then, one day, give it to one of my kids or grandchildren.

(A few words of advice, if you're looking to have a Bible that'll last for years, you'll want to buy a genuine leather Bible, not a bonded leather Bible. Something like calfskin leather might even be better. Also, the leather stays oiled by frequent use. The oils in your hand keep the leather of your Bible nice and hydrated. If you store a genuine leather Bible away, you might want to break it out every six months or so and oil it up with some sort of leather lotion.)

Sola scriptura.


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