I Did It

There's a popular Christian blogger out there who everyone reads, at least it seems that way. I've had this guy on my blog reader for months now, maybe even a couple of years. Before I started using a reader, I would frequent his blog directly, and once in a blue moon I'd actually see a post that sort of grabbed my attention.

Finally, today, I did it. I took the guy off of my reader. I'm sure I'll drop by his blog from time to time, but I won't be reading his blog with any real frequency. Despite some interesting content from time to time, I don't usually have the patience to wade through his blogging style. He's link happy. He uses italics like a fiend. And he has an annoying habit of misusing dashes. Those infractions, along with many other minor issues, all work to make reading his blog feel like, well, work. When reading turns into work, it's no longer a joy for me.

Don't get me wrong, this guy's a great believer and he encourages hundreds (if not thousands), but he's a great believer who's out of my hair. I'm free!

I love the blogosphere.


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