ISTP And Other Thoughts

Brandi and I had a couple of good friends over on Saturday night for homemade pizza and a movie. We skipped the movie and ended up doing online personality tests and talking about the results.

This particular friend is usually excited to smoke a pipe when he's around me. He's one of the few true pipe converts I've ever had. It's always fun to fill a pipe bowl with tobacco, light it, and then have a lengthy conversation about JESUS, movies, books, or whatever else might come up.

Back to the personality tests, apparently I'm an Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving (ISTP) type guy: I have certain tools like to work with; I don't thrive in large social circles; I prefer staying home most times; I know a little bit about troubleshooting computer problems (very basic ones); and I like to crack one-liner jokes. I guess that's all true to some extent; the ISTP profile seems to fit well in a lot of ways.

The beauty of living in a small city is most people live within 5 to 20 minutes of you. Some of our friends who live "way out" in the suburbs actually live 25 to 30 minutes away, but most really live within 10 minutes of us. This particular friend lives about three minutes from us, so I swung by his house on Saturday and dropped off some pipe tobacco. We sat and talked for a minute on his porch saying something like it's nice to be around people who you feel free to be yourself around. That's something I value more and more these days, and it's rare to be with a person -- or group of people -- with whom you feel safe enough around to drop all pretenses.

That is all I have to say.


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