Where I'm At

I've pondered a lot of heavy theological stuff the past couple of years (and especially the past year), and I'm going to give a brief rundown on what I'm thinking right now:

God -- Triune
JESUS -- Supreme
Holy Spirit -- Not a toy
Grace -- HUGE (and even huger than we can fathom)
Mercy -- Yes!
Sin -- Real
Baptism -- For believers, but cool with paedo
Calvinism -- I'm in
Universalism -- I wish
Hell -- Real. Bad. And in the palm of God's hand
The Bible -- Infallible
The deuterocanonical books -- Curious
The Apostolic Fathers -- Every Christian should own a copy
Church History -- My love

With regard to Church History, it's become my favorite subject to read about. I imagine when I die there will be a line in Heaven about 100 miles long filled with people waiting to talk to St. John. I think I'll wait until that line goes down a bit and talk to his disciple, Polycarp, in the meantime. :-)


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