Minor Life Update

- Daniel and I are home sick. Brandi, Nathan, Abigial, and Eve went to church this morning where Abby sang in a little kid Christmas deal.

- Our cat Milo left a half-devoured gopher on our doorstep this morning.

- We should be getting our meat-chickens here within a week or so. They're the super growing variety so they'll be ready to harvest in early February.

- Daniel and I just clipped the wings of about 3/4 of our laying flock.

- Brandi has been talking about a spring garden for a few weeks now. We've never had a ton of success with gardening, but things will surely be different here. First of all we have a ton of space. More space than we need, really. Secondly, people who apparently know gardening keep telling us that our soil is unbelievable, and that we can grow anything in our type of soil. That's encouraging. (On a related note, while it's nice to see so many deer in our back field all the time, when it comes to gardens they're a nuisance. We're going to have to find a surefire way to keep deer out of our garden. Brandi found one source that said to contact your local zoo to acquire some, um, lion dung. Apparently deer will not come anywhere near lion poop. As crazy as it sounds, we'll probably call our zoo to see if it's possible to take some of that product off of their hands.)

- We want to have a small orchard. We haven't decided how many trees we want, but we've got a master gardener friend who said he's more than willing to help us pick out good fruit trees and decide where to plant them. We might end up doing something like that here in the next few months.

- While Christmas is a joyous time, it can be stressful with so much emphasis on cupidity. While I enjoy family time over the holidays, I must admit that the moment where all hell breaks loose, and everyone and their dog is opening a present, can be a tad unnerving, especially with young children. I wish there wasn't such an emphasis on materialism with this holiday. As my eight-year-old so wisely said the other day, "What does Santa have to do with JESUS?"

- I need to go blow my nose.


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