Farm Thoughts

I spent the evening yesterday mowing (always fun on a riding mower) and moving birds around. A few farm observations:

1. Keeping up with animals is a lot of work. Of course, we hope to expand what we've got, and that'll add more work, but it's always a joy. Right now we've got eight baby ducks, one mother duck hen and a drake. On the chicken side of things, our laying flock is holding steady at seven hens and a rooster. (We'll have about 24 more chickens once the new batch hatches. We have someone incubating them for us. Of those 24, roughly 12 will be laying hens and 12 will be roosters/stew meat.) We also have three bantam (miniature) chickens.

2. The garden is down to a tomato here and there. It produced well while it lasted and it was a good first try. What we'll probably do now is till the ground soon, and keep a bunch of our birds locked up in there to pull up roots and fertilize the place. We'll have to start working on our fall garden very soon.

3. Bouncer seems to enjoy his life as a farm dog. He doesn't ever seem overly anxious or barky (though he does like to bark). He spends most of the day these days in the relative cool of the barn. He's still very interested in chickens, but he hasn't killed any (thankfully).

4. We still have a big field we don't utilize. Our neighbor came over with his tractor a few days ago and shredded (mowed) it for us. Right now it serves well as a hay field, as the kids can go out there and collect tons of hay that we use for all sorts of things, but primarily chicken nest bedding. Hay always comes in handy, and we'll need a good supply of it during winter.

5. The birds pooped on me like crazy when I was moving them around yesterday. If you're going to have farm animals, you have to get used to excrement. :-(

6. There's nothing like a freshly mowed yard.

That's all for now!


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