Adventures In The Backyard: Grape Edition

Every 6 months or so we ask our neighbor to shred our field with his tractor. The weeds had gotten pretty bad this time, so the post-shredded field doesn't look as nice as it could, but the low grass prompted me to explore a wee bit.

The newly shredded field. What could lurk out there, besides a billion grasshoppers?

Hmm ... that brush looks interesting. I have seen rabbits there before. . . .

Upon close inspection ... wild grapes!

I'm not sure what wild grapes are used for. My understanding is they're not sweet, but can be used in some recipes. Brandi's shown interest in them in the past. We've heard of using them on your garden fence as a wind block, and I think we'll pursue that idea at some point in the future. These grapes were overly ripe. In other words, they were juicy and bursting. I didn't dare eat one, but I decided to see if my chickens took a shine to them. They did!

Yum! Yum!

Seems like I'm always being surprised out here. :-)


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