Now that there's a deadline on the horizon for U2's forthcoming studio release, No Line on the Horizon, I've often caught myself thinking back to a warm October night in 2005 when me, my brother, my sister, and three of our friends saw U2 live at the Toyota Center in Houston.

The night was extra special because were able to be on the front row, about five feet or so from The Edge throughout the entire concert. As my brother said when it was all over, "It was like U2 played a private concert for us." Yes, it felt just like that.

With the exception of a my personal salvation, my wedding and vows renewal with my wife, and the births of our three children, that evening was, without a doubt, the most profound and enjoyable life experience I've ever had.

I'm thinking about trying to write some more about that night with the idea that I might post it on Thinklings, but for now I'm just happy basking in the warm memories.

Above all, that night was a spiritual experience, especially the last half hour or so of the concert. I'll never forget the grace poured out that evening.

The more you know the less you feel
Some pray for others steal
Blessings not just for the ones who kneel ... luckily
-- U2, from "City of Blinding Lights"


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