A Bit More Than 12 Ounces

Meeting vendors is always a bittersweet thing for me. On the one hand, they always want to take me to lunch, and they usually spare no expense, so that typically translates into a pretty darn good free meal. On the other hand getting the free meal means sitting for 30 to 45 minutes with some guy I don't really know, trying to make small talk or talk endlessly about business. In the interest of being cordial, I usually take vendors up on their offer to "grab lunch." Today was such a day.

The owner of a box company bought me lunch at a local steak house this afternoon. When I first met the dude I made a few initial judgments about him and quickly decided that he wasn't a believer or if he was one he's probably just a Sunday morning type Christian. (Yes, I can be that much of a jerk when I'm evaluating people upon first glance. God help me. Seriously.)

Long story short, the guy asked me about God and church first, and we proceeded to get into an unbelievable conversation about faith, family, and walking with God through the business world we both live in. The guy was completely humble and laid his heart out there for me to see, and I tried to return the favor by sharing a large part of my testimony and telling him what God's been doing in my life recently.

It was great. I walked away with two things: 1) A full belly thanks to the 12-ounce sirloin I consumed, and 2) a certain sadness in my heart because the conversation couldn't go longer.


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