Bird Challenges

About three nights ago one of our ducks got eaten ... I assume. You see, he was our fat drake (boy), and he just went missing overnight. I assume some raccoon or bobcat ate him, though it's possible, if he wandered on to someone's property, that one of these bumpkins out here shot him. Thankfully, the guy who gave us our ducks has another drake from the same batch, and he said I could come by and pick the duck up next week.

In other bird news our chicken flock has started to wander to our neighbors' fields. Sometimes those birds can end up being about 1,000 feet away from our house. We're trying to train them to come home at the sound of a whistle; we've had some success in that regard. Since we're rookie chicken farmers, I think it's pretty amazing that we haven't lost a single chicken. I hear stories of chickens getting eaten by coyotes, foxes, raccoons, hawks, dogs, you name it.

So we've had some bird challenges lately, but only one casualty.


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