Haven't Posted A Farm Update In A While ...

- We lost a chicken to a neighbor's dog the other day. Grr!

- We're currently collecting eggs (and not eating them) to have someone incubate them for us. The gal who's going to do that for us is sort of a professional chicken farmer. We'll probably give her four dozen fertilized eggs, with the idea that half of them will hatch. We want to ultimately end up with around 12 to 14 laying hens. We'll eat the remaining roosters. :-)

- The garden is producing a good amount of tomatoes and peppers. We've also got squash, melons, and even a pumpkin.

- Our duck hen hatched 14 babies about two months ago. We lost three of them to various perils, and we gave away three of them, so we're down to eight. We'll keep about three of the eight and eat the rest.

- We've got plenty of grasshoppers on our property right now. John the Baptist would be chowing down big time.


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