It's Time For My Church To Step Up

A good friend of ours, Debbie, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer yesterday. Debbie and her husband, Kyle, have small children and a start-up business, which, unfortunately, means they don't have health insurance.

One our our mutual friends sent an email yesterday asking for prayers for their financial situation. They have surgeries and treatment coming up that will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Ironically, just two weeks ago I bumped into Kyle at Walmart -- he was working there. He had been on the job for three days, working as a cashier, because they needed some extra cash in their monthly budget.

My opinion is that their financial struggles are now an issue that Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas have to deal with. Kyle and Debbie shouldn't have to worry about finding several thousand dollars for medical procedures -- those worries should be the last thing on their minds.

By all measurable standards Antioch is rich. Sure, we're in a poor neighborhood, but that's by choice. Sure, we're not extravagant, and even downright pragmatic, but that's by conviction. The money for Kyle and Debbie should not be an issue right now, especially when you fellowship within a wealthy church that happens to exist in the wealthiest nation in human history.

I'm sure we're going to do the right thing.


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