Life And Death On Guel Farm

For the first time ever at our little farm, we slaughtered animals (in this case, chickens) without the help of an expert. We did have a friend, Eva Marie, volunteer to help us, but she knew nothing about slaughtering animals, so this time around Brandi and I were the "experts."

I warned Eva (who I actually call "Ave Maria"), that we didn't have much of a clue as to what we were doing, but we were pretty certain we'd be able to figure it out. We've killed birds for meat exactly four times in the past, but it's always been under the tutelage of a bird killing guru. Not so this time.

On a lighter note, we actually had some eggs hatch today -- of all days, the day of the slaughter! -- so we were looking at the full circle of life, from "newborn" chicks to chickens that were about to fulfill their destiny.

One of the new ones.

Death row.

A chicken meeting its maker.
dying chicken

Brandi and Ave Maria watching a chicken die. (Brandi can't bring herself to watch, actually.)

A few processing photos.

A bonus shot of our broody duck hen. Her ducklings ought to hatch in about three weeks.


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