Life Update

- We went to the beach last weekend. It was great. A nice beach house, right on the beach ... and the beach was empty. Very cool.

- Here's an article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the spiritual side of U2's lyrics. It's nothing that an avid U2 fan doesn't already know, but it's still a decent read. I liked the last quote: "I think U2's music, but particularly Bono's lyrics, are perfect for the context of church and worship," he said. I'd have to concur. The last 15 to 20 minutes of the Vertigo show in Houston in 2005 were all about worship: "The First Time," "Yahweh," and "40."

- The U2 show at Reliant Stadium is coming up in one week! We secured coveted floor seats over the weekend. Yay! Our old nosebleed seats are officially for sale.

- We thought we had lost our cat, but, thankfully, he came home.

- Our two duck hens are flying now. It's pretty amazing to be able to watch your ducks fly across your yard. The drake (male) still hasn't gotten the flying thing down yet, though. The chickens are still dropping about six eggs a day.


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