Local Eats

We've got two restaurants in our neighborhood. Thankfully, they're both decent.

One of them is a small BBQ joint that's only about two or three minutes from our house. The downside of that place is you never know when they're going to close for the day. Ostensibly, they're open until 8 p.m., but most of the time I think they start thinking about shutting down anytime after 6:30 p.m. So if we're really banking on getting some food from them (which we do every couple of weeks), we usually have to call ahead to make sure they're not going to close on us before we can get there.

Besides the BBQ restaurant, the closest eatery to us is the Aquila Creek Country Cafe. It's about five miles from our house, so it feels like it's in the neighborhood. We stopped by there after church this morning and we were all able to eat dollar burgers (the best dollar burgers in town!) and fresh fries for only $11. After the tip we only spent $14. Not bad to feed a family of six on a Sunday afternoon.


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