Population 922

The little town we'll be living in only has 922 residents. Once we move you can make that 928. We're still in the Waco Metropolitan Statistical Area, and our address still says Waco ... but we're definitely out in the sticks. We apparently can't even get standard Internet service out there. Our choices for Internet are 1) dial up, 2) satellite, or 3) a PC card via AT&T. Despite those problemos, we're going to be very happy out there.

Today I spent a lot of time at the house doing general maintenance like turning screws, sweeping, spraying for bugs, and things of that nature. A friend of mine came over and told me that the piles of dirt out in our field are not ant hills (as we suspected) but gopher mounds. Yes, we have a plethora of gophers living in our back yard. The aforementioned friend is a country bumpkin himself, so he suggested a few "fun" activities like setting bait out in our field at night and waiting for coyotes to venture close to the scent, and then -- BANG! -- you blow them to bits. I don't think I'm quite there yet. Besides, all I have is a BB gun.

Tomorrow I'll be doing more of the same around the house, and we'll be moving some fragile furniture in the afternoon. The big move day is May 9. I'll keep posting updates.


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