Random Thoughts On My Kids

Nathan -- He's nine-years-old right now, and he's typically full of joy. We figured out a few years ago that he has Asperger Syndrome, though he's never been formally diagnosed and we have no plans right now to get a diagnosis. Two or three years ago my fear would have been that at this point in his life he'd have no interest in his siblings, and he'd always prefer to be alone somewhere engaging in some funky behavior (like shaking his hands or repeating obscure movie lines). The truth is he's made great strides. For the most part he loves to play with his siblings and a lot of the worst case scenario type behaviors have not come to fruition. I'm often a bit saddened by the fact that we're not able to devote more attention to his needs, but I'm happy with the boy that he's become. (I'd be happy anyway, regardless of how he turned out.)

Daniel -- He's turning eight on Thursday! He's all giddy to go to a Mexican restaurant for his birthday so we're taking him to the best Mexican joint in Waco: Ninfa's. (The same Ninfa's that originated in our former home town, Houston.) He's excited about it. I think he's already sent out invitation emails to a few people. (Yes, I hooked him up with a Gmail account a while back, and he checks it frequently.) Daniel is our huggy boy. He loves to get close, crawl on my back, and do anything that involves hanging on me and/or Brandi. He's got a bit of a speech delay, so he still pronounces words in his own funny little way and he's always saying funny things. (For example yesterday he said, "I'm trying to ride my skateboard but I need a seatbelt for my feet." The funny thing is he was totally serious.)

Abigal -- She's beautiful. She's only five-years-old but I can already tell that I'm going to have to beat those sweaty, stinky boys away from her presence once she becomes a young lady. That's no problem. In fact, she doesn't know this but we're not going to allow her to get married until she's 30-years-old, so I don't have to worry about anything for another 25-years. She's creative, caring, and she's already excited to be a mother one day. She's also a bit on the tougher side; I guess having two rowdy older brothers helps out in that department.

Baby -- She's inside of Brandi right now, and she'll be making her debut around June 25th. I can't really tell what sort of personality she has, but she sure was kicking like crazy yesterday. We don't know what we're going to name her, but our top two candidate names right now are Hannah and Evangeline. Of course, we could bail on those names ...

That's it!


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