How I Met Vito

Yesterday this older fellow in a golf cart rolled up my driveway and introduced himself. He asked me if I was the guy who had bought the house, and I told him that my wife and I had closed on it a few days earlier. He then told me that he had lived on that street all of his life, and that it's a good, quiet neighborhood with only minor "hell raising" now and then. When I asked him about what he was talking about he said something about kids speeding up and down the street in their motorcycles and muscle cars.

After a few minutes he told me that he had a crop of black-eyed peas in a field adjacent to mine and that he was on his way to check his peas. He promptly hit the gas in his golf cart and rolled through my lawn to access his peas. I thought it was funny how he was just so whatever about driving through someone's lawn, but Brandi told me that's the way country living should be. I always thought country living was about actually shooting the dude who was trespassing on your property. :-)

Anyway, he was a nice fellow. And he had some kind of serious sound system hooked up to his golf cart with a CD player and everything. I think he's probably the Don Corleone of my new neighborhood and he was coming to tell me that he wanted me to wet his beak.


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