Some Recent Books I'm Reading

I'm alone in Waco right now. My wife and kids are still in Houston; I'll rejoin them on Wednesday. I got a pretty big stack of books for Christmas this year, and that stack has been keeping me warm at night.

Most notably right now I'm getting into King's Gambit by Paul Hoffman (mentioned in my "Chess" post below), and The Reason for God by Tim Keller. As best I can tell, Keller's book focuses primarily on theodicy, explaining why a good God allows evil and sends people to hell, et cetera.

I'm also digging -- big time -- my copy of The Apostolic Fathers translated by Michael W. Holmes. The Apostolic Fathers is a collection of the earliest, non-canonical, extant Christian writings, circa 75 to 150 AD.

I need more hours in my day to read all of this stuff.


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