I Need A Book

I haven't had time to read squat lately, and I'm getting semi-frustrated with it all. To be fair I've gotten through a good chunk of Robert Jordan's Lord of Chaos, but my usual fare has just been collecting dust.

I started reading Tim Keller's The Reason For God in roughly late January or early February, and I'm just over halfway through -- a pathetic pace. I'll concede that Keller's book is one that makes you think quite a bit, and I found myself rereading large portions of it just to digest it a bit more.

I haven't even had much time to watch the boob tube, though I think Brandi and I will carve out 45 minutes to watch Lost tonight (or perhaps 24 since we recorded it the other day).

In other matters, life's pretty good right now, except for the fact that we're under a good deal of stress since we're expecting baby number four in June and we've got to move before then. Yikes.


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