Initial Thoughts

We still don't have Internet at our house, but it's ok because we're spending a lot of time unpacking and getting things in order. Here are a few random thoughts on living out in the country:

- Saturday night was nice and quiet; it was very peaceful. Sunday morning the only vehicle I saw on the road outside our home was a tractor. :-)
- Brandi said, despite all the unpacking, she feels like she's on a vacation, but the vacation is her home. She's enjoying frequent walks through the neighborhood and we get great views of sunsets (and sunrises!), and lots of beautiful country landscape.
- The other day two random goats were in our yard. They must have escaped from a neighboring farm.
- I killed a black widow spider the other day.
- Coming from a city life, it's ridiculous how big two acres is. We're loving all of the elbow room. If you walk to the end of our property (it's close to a forest) you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, especially at night.
- Speaking of the forest, we finally heard a pack of coyotes howling and screaming last night. Apparently that's not an uncommon sound out in the country.
- Brandi and I relaxed on our trampoline last night, using it as a hammock. The night sky was beautiful. I even saw a shooting star.
- We've still got a lot of work to do!


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