The Idolatry Of TV

I'm sure there's empirical data on this somewhere, but, in the absence of access to any scholarly journals on the subject, I think we can safely assume, anecdotally at least, that television is one of the biggest idols in American church culture.

Since I live (and work) in the country now, I do a lot of country driving these days. With few exceptions even the most dilapidated, run-down, hideous looking hovel of a mobile home has a satellite dish attached to it. What is it about this medium of information and entertainment that compels even the poorest American to, somehow, find the nickels every month to pay for a deluxe version of itself? (Free TV is still, well, free, but few apparently are satisfied with only a handful of stations.)

Anyway, I wrote a bit about it over at Thinklings. You can read it all by clicking here.


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