The Harvest

I expected us to harvest our meat chickens this weekend, but the dude who was going to show me the ropes had to do it sooner. So I ended up whacking those birds yesterday.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Even the actual killing process (slicing their jugular vein) was pretty straight forward. And as far as gutting goes, if you've gutted a decent size fish then gutting a chicken wouldn't be hard to pick up.

Tonight Brandi fried up one of the birds and we enjoyed the best fried chicken ever with my brother and our friend, Andrew. Seriously, the stuff was DELICIOUS.

We're all about raising our own meat birds now. We've already got plans to order a whole bunch of them here pretty soon so we can slaughter them by late spring. By that time we'll hopefully be ready to harvest some of our ducks as well.

Good stuff.


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