Joshua Martin Guel

Joshua Martin Guel was born on June 15! He came in at a healthy 8 pounds. :-)

Every day he's getting more and more aware, and he's fit into our family perfectly. Abigail is "little mama" -- she loves holding him, caring for him, and helping Brandi with all the Joshua-related tasks. Evangeline is "little mama wannabe." She's getting there! The boys adore him too.

For the third time in a row, Brandi was able to deliver naturally (i.e., sans meds) and now she's done three vaginal deliveries in a row. Quite a feat since our first two babies were c-sections. We used a certified midwife (those gals actually train doctors how to deliver babies) and delivered at Providence Hospital in Waco. Interference from nurses, etc., was kept to a minimum, and, thankfully, we never had to see a doctor, since the midwife delivered the baby and there were no complications. After Joshua was born -- thanks to a detailed birth plan and the support of our midwife -- Brandi was able to have Joshua immediately, nurse him, and be with him for a solid hour before he was weighed and clothed by the nurses. It was an awesome experience.

The hospital was wonderful, and even gave us a complementary "Celebration Steak Dinner" in honor of our little boy.

Here's one of my favorite shots of Joshua so far. More to come!



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