One-Horse Town

Our adopted home town of Gholson, Texas has a population of 922. We're in the greater Waco area, so for all of our mail-related stuff we have the option of having either Gholson or Waco as our home city. We still choose Waco because, well, Waco is still our home too. But we love living out in the boonies, on the fringe of McLennan County.

Yesterday Brandi and I paid a visit to Gholson's only restaurant. It's a small barbecue joint, and, thankfully, it was delicious. The waitress said her aunt and uncle (who live in Gholson) run the place, and she lives in an adjacent town that's similar to Gholson. "It's another one-horse town," she said.

We're not talking about one-stoplight towns here. (Heck, Gholson doesn't even have one of those!) These are "one-horse" towns! (Certainly there's a bit of hyperbole there. There are probably two dozen horses or more within 400 feet of our home.) Incidentally, Brandi recently talked about maybe wanting to get a pony one day, maybe next year. That would be fun. We're still dead set on getting a cow.


- This morning one of our duck hens was two doors down, grazing in our neighbor's front yard. Of course when I say "two doors down," that really means the duck was about the length of a football field away from our house. Pretty crazy. I think she noticed me because a few seconds later she lifted herself off the ground and flew over. It's still amazing to see those ducks fly around and then land a few feet in front of you.

- The chickens are still giving us about five eggs a day. We're getting tired of waiting for one of the hens to go broody, so we're thinking about incubating some eggs so that we can expand our flock a bit. More on that later.

- Evangeline is four months old already. That's hard to believe. She's as cute as ever and the other three kids absolutely adore her; there's not even a hint of jealousy. We're thankful for that. I'll post some of Eve's three month photos soon.

- Daniel's been asking for his own blog.

- Tomorrow we're doing a McLennan County Day Trip. In other words, we're going to drive around our home county and hit up a few interesting places (like the Dr. Pepper Museum), and eat at a couple of local establishments. Should be fun.

- That's it for now.

Photos, photos, photos

From the beach last weekend:








Random picture of our ducks in their favorite puddle:


Random photo of Lake Waco (I hiked up to this view with Daniel and Abigail a couple of weeks ago):



The more you know the less you feel
Some pray for, others steal
Blessings not just for the ones who kneel ... luckily
-- U2, "City of Blinding Lights"

That's one of my favorite lines from U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb classic, "City of Blinding Lights." I've always thought that last line was one of the best layman's definitions of Common Grace I've ever heard. Speaking of Common Grace, click here for a few thoughts on an October night four years ago.

Life Update

- We went to the beach last weekend. It was great. A nice beach house, right on the beach ... and the beach was empty. Very cool.

- Here's an article from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the spiritual side of U2's lyrics. It's nothing that an avid U2 fan doesn't already know, but it's still a decent read. I liked the last quote: "I think U2's music, but particularly Bono's lyrics, are perfect for the context of church and worship," he said. I'd have to concur. The last 15 to 20 minutes of the Vertigo show in Houston in 2005 were all about worship: "The First Time," "Yahweh," and "40."

- The U2 show at Reliant Stadium is coming up in one week! We secured coveted floor seats over the weekend. Yay! Our old nosebleed seats are officially for sale.

- We thought we had lost our cat, but, thankfully, he came home.

- Our two duck hens are flying now. It's pretty amazing to be able to watch your ducks fly across your yard. The drake (male) still hasn't gotten the flying thing down yet, though. The chickens are still dropping about six eggs a day.