We had a nice, long weekend. We accomplished (almost) everything we set out to do and made some good memories along the way. Here's a shot of the stockings we set up tonight:


Weekend Plans

Tonight -- Drive to Houston
Thursday -- Thanksgiving festivities
Friday -- Take the kids to Dewberry Farm
Saturday -- Go home to our farm, buy a tree, decorate the place, and put up Christmas lights
Sunday -- Go to the Homestead Craft Fair

I felt like this year I wanted to start definite holiday traditions for our family. A lot of that has to do with the fact that a) we have a brand new baby and b) we bought what is, more or less, our dream house, and I don't anticipate that we'll ever want to move. I'd like my kids to grow up with the memories of holiday traditions, and this is a good year to start embedding those memories.

Bird Challenges

About three nights ago one of our ducks got eaten ... I assume. You see, he was our fat drake (boy), and he just went missing overnight. I assume some raccoon or bobcat ate him, though it's possible, if he wandered on to someone's property, that one of these bumpkins out here shot him. Thankfully, the guy who gave us our ducks has another drake from the same batch, and he said I could come by and pick the duck up next week.

In other bird news our chicken flock has started to wander to our neighbors' fields. Sometimes those birds can end up being about 1,000 feet away from our house. We're trying to train them to come home at the sound of a whistle; we've had some success in that regard. Since we're rookie chicken farmers, I think it's pretty amazing that we haven't lost a single chicken. I hear stories of chickens getting eaten by coyotes, foxes, raccoons, hawks, dogs, you name it.

So we've had some bird challenges lately, but only one casualty.

The Gals With Their Babies


The Axe

We're going to dip our toes into the world of butchering meat-birds. We're getting six meat-chickens in December (as opposed to the laying variety, meat-birds are bred to get beefier, so to speak), and, come early February, they're getting the axe: at that point I'm going to take them over to an acquaintance's house and he's going to teach me the art of the butcher. I'm looking forward to learning how to do it.

At The Dr. Pepper Museum



Brandi and I had our good friend Andrew over for some dinner and conversation tonight. After the meal I taught Andrew a thing or two about the art of smoking tobacco from a pipe. (Since he's headed to Oxford this summer he needed to learn a bit about Lewisian habits.)

After Andrew left for the evening, I walked out to our barn to close our chicken coop. Lo and behold, there were three deer grazing in our pasture. It's quite an ethereal experience to be outside on a crisp, cool night, under the stars, staring at a few deer wandering around on your property. It almost felt like some sort of non-revelatory epiphany, if there is such a thing.

I'm constantly amazed at how beautiful God's creation truly is.

A Scene From The Farm