Daniel On Assignment

I took Daniel with me to help assist me at a wedding shoot last weekend north of Austin.

This was quite a distinct wedding. It took place in a historic theater and immediately after the ceremony everyone watched an old school black and white movie. Daniel did great helping me position a flash during the movie, to bounce some light off the walls in order to get a decent pic of people watching the film.


Daniel also stuffed himself with candy, popcorn, and sodas. Good thing because after the movie came the reception ... and during the reception he started shooting like crazy. He wasn't shy about it either! He's taking this photography thing seriously. :-)



I just killed a skunk. In our barn. With my shotgun.

Yet another rite of passage for this city slicker turned country bumpkin.

See Saw

We spent some time at the neighborhood park this afternoon. We love it because there's never anyone there. :-)


More on Flickr.

Early Morning Farm Photos

I spent a lot of time in high school and college shooting artsy photographs. Later in life, I turned into the ruthless photographic mercenary that I am now. I guess the way to ruin a good hobby is to start making money from it.

This morning, at about 6:45 or so, I stepped outside to see what the weather was like. Dawn was coming up fast, but there was still a dark haze over the Farm. The ambiance was accentuated by a thick fog that was quickly dissipating.

I grabbed my cameras and snapped a few photos. It took me back to high school. These are unedited, out of the box.

(Oh, actually, the photo of the oak tree was shot about an hour later, after the sun was coming up.)





Joshua, Tonight