Boys To Sell Eggs

Nathan (13) and Daniel (11) are starting an egg business. They bought 25 laying hen chicks a couple of weeks ago (delivered via the Post Office) and the little gals will be ready to lay in April. They're really excited about "having a job," and they'll be even more excited once they start to see cash in their hands. They've already had to shell out $60 or so to get the hens. Got to spend money to make money!

That little flock brings our farm poultry count up toward 70 birds. Seems to me we are deep in this thing now and there's no turning back. :-) Many of our birds free range around the property. Free ranging birds are nice for pest control and essential for the most nutritious eggs, but if your'e a control freak or have grumpy neighbors you might not want to try it ... unless you have something like 20 acres of property. Chickens like to roam.