"Our firmness, when it is You, is firmness, but when it is our own, it is infirmity."

- St. Augustine
Jared's Bio

Name: Jared Wilson
Hometown: Houston, TX
Place of birth: Brownsville, TX
Family stats: wife, Becky. daughters, Macy and Grace.
Occupation: Pastor of Middletown Springs Community Church in Middletown Springs, Vermont, and author of a few books.
Age: 37
Denomination: non-denom evangelical.
Calvinist or Arminian: Five-Point Calvinist
Eschatology: amil
Favorite quote: "If, thinking of your frailty, you hold yourselves cheap, value yourselves by the price that was paid for you." -- St. Augustine
Favorite book: anything by C.S. Lewis
Nomination for honorary thinkling: My mentor-pastor Mike Ayers
Favorite author: non-fiction -- Lewis; John Piper; N.T. Wright
fiction/poetry -- Lewis; Paul Auster; Chesterton; T.S. Eliot; J.R.R. Tolkien; Stephen King; Mark Twain; Arturo Perez-Reverte; John Updike.
Favorite ice cream flavor: cookies n' cream
Style of music: just about everything, but prefer singer-songwriter stuff regardless of genre
Favorite artist: U2, King's X, Rich Mullins, Charlie Peacock, The Beatles, Caedmon's Call, Galactic Cowboys, Willie Nelson, The 77's, The Lost Dogs, The Raconteurs
First Car: '85 Buick Skylark
Childhood Memory: being made fun of for stuttering
Which muppet most represents me: Kermit or Scooter
Best president: George Washington
Unusual Fact: how about dirty little secret? I am secretly very prideful and hate not to be recognized when I do something well, but I get very embarrassed and feel guilty when someone actually does recognize that I did something well.
Area of Expertise: among humans in general, very little. among the Thinklings, I guess it would be literature and/or film.
Superpower: super-neuroses. heightened sense of grammatical correctness.
Thinkling title: The Hub of the Thinkling Wheel
Nickname: Rod
Thinkling role: The Writer and Critic
Education: B.A. in English. (Minor: Religious Studies)
Last Good Book Read: I read so many there are too many good ones to mention.
Last Good Movie Seen: Captain America