"We must not view ways of talking about the love of God as independent, compartmentalized, 'loves' of God. It will not help to begin talking too often about God's providential love, his elective love, his intra-Trinitarian love, and so forth, as if each were hermetically sealed off from the other."

- D.A. Carson
Phil's Bio

This looks a lot like me...really...I'm pretty sure I'm part elf!
Name: Philip Schroeder
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Family stats: Wife: Melissa, Children: Joel (11), Joshua (9), James (7) and Jared (5). Yep, 4 boys!
Occupation: Pastor
Age: 40
Favorite quote: What makes a principle a principle is our willingness to apply it to our own disadvantage. -Stephen L. Carter, Professor of Law at Yale, in the WSJ, 11-27-00)
Favorite movie: A Christmas Story, Princess Bride and Superhero Movies
Favorite book:Bible, Harry Potter, Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
Nomination for honorary thinkling: Antonin Scalia,and D.A. Carson
Favorite author: D.A. Carson, C.S. Lewis
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry
Style of music: Christian Heavy Metal or anything faster than a heartbeat
Best artist: Tourniquet, Rich Mullins, Deliverance, FlyLeaf,Barlow Girl, Metallica
Worst artist: Pick a rapper, any rapper
Pet Peeve: local newscasts
First Car: Dodge Ram Charger
Childhood Memory: Being Bullied
Testimony: prayed sinner's prayer in Methodist church, became a disciple in my bedroom age 14 when I realized that God deserved all or nothing.
Which muppet is most like me: Gonzo
Best president: Ronald Reagan,George Washington
Unusual fact: My ribs stick out perpetually; my second toe is longer than my big toe.
Area of expertise: The more I learn, the less I know...
Superpower: I can squeeze into very small spaces, thereby saving the day if we are ever stuck in a cave-in.
Thinkling title: The Social Scientist and Philosopher
Nickname: Shrode
Education: B.A. from Baylor. Major: Religion, Minor: English M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Last Good Book(s) Read:
TV on DVD: Wiseguy, Magnum, P.I., Due South, King of Queens, Eureka
Last Good Movie(s) seen:Avengers