"Our firmness, when it is You, is firmness, but when it is our own, it is infirmity."

- St. Augustine
Phil's Bio

This looks a lot like me...really...I'm pretty sure I'm part elf!
Name: Philip Schroeder
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Family stats: Wife: Melissa, Children: Joel (11), Joshua (9), James (7) and Jared (5). Yep, 4 boys!
Occupation: Pastor
Age: 40
Favorite quote: What makes a principle a principle is our willingness to apply it to our own disadvantage. -Stephen L. Carter, Professor of Law at Yale, in the WSJ, 11-27-00)
Favorite movie: A Christmas Story, Princess Bride and Superhero Movies
Favorite book:Bible, Harry Potter, Webster's Unabridged Dictionary
Nomination for honorary thinkling: Antonin Scalia,and D.A. Carson
Favorite author: D.A. Carson, C.S. Lewis
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry
Style of music: Christian Heavy Metal or anything faster than a heartbeat
Best artist: Tourniquet, Rich Mullins, Deliverance, FlyLeaf,Barlow Girl, Metallica
Worst artist: Pick a rapper, any rapper
Pet Peeve: local newscasts
First Car: Dodge Ram Charger
Childhood Memory: Being Bullied
Testimony: prayed sinner's prayer in Methodist church, became a disciple in my bedroom age 14 when I realized that God deserved all or nothing.
Which muppet is most like me: Gonzo
Best president: Ronald Reagan,George Washington
Unusual fact: My ribs stick out perpetually; my second toe is longer than my big toe.
Area of expertise: The more I learn, the less I know...
Superpower: I can squeeze into very small spaces, thereby saving the day if we are ever stuck in a cave-in.
Thinkling title: The Social Scientist and Philosopher
Nickname: Shrode
Education: B.A. from Baylor. Major: Religion, Minor: English M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Last Good Book(s) Read:
TV on DVD: Wiseguy, Magnum, P.I., Due South, King of Queens, Eureka
Last Good Movie(s) seen:Avengers