"We will not be able to recover the vision and understanding of God's grandeur until we recover an understanding of ourselves as creatures who have been made to know such grandeur. This must begin with the recovery of the idea that as beings made in God's image, we are fundamentally moral beings, not consumers, that the satisfaction of our psychological needs pales in significance when compared with the enduring value of doing what is right. Religious consumers want to have a spirituality for the same reason that they want to drive a stylish and expensive auto. Costly obedience is as foreign to them in matters spiritual as self-denial is in matters material. In a culture filled with such people, restoring weight to God is going to involve much more than simply getting some doctrine straight; it's going to entail a complete reconstruction of the modern self-absorbed pastiche personality."

- David Wells
Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs

The Anchoress has an update on some of the breakthroughs happening on the Adult Stem Cell front:

Great - and, for anyone following the stunning medical advances being made thanks to ADULT Stem Cell Research - unsurprising news on the Parkinson’s front. Just as numerous spinal cord injuries are being successfully treated with ASC taken from nasal cavities, it looks there sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease may be helped, too.
I hope so. Parkinson's is awful (my uncle died of that disease).

And, maybe you love him, maybe you hate him, but I think someday we will really miss GWB. Though he gets zero credit (for anything), I'm so thankful that he stood strong against the mad drive toward Embryonic Stem Cell research.
After all the high drama and righteous noise about bad-old Bush refusing to let the government fund embryonic stem cell research, it seems a big Emily Letilla “nevermind” is in our futures, perhaps. Along with some very hopeful advances, (some great signs with ASC and cardiac muscles, now) successful treatments (possibly eradicating Sickle Cell Anemia and stroke?) and - we pray - more happy endings.


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