"God is training up His heroes, and when they appear, the world will wonder where they came from."

- C.S. Lewis
Dr. David Jeremiah

A friend of mine is asking what I know about Dr. David Jeremiah - I have no real knowledge of him and so was wondering if any of you do.

My friend doesn't have any reason to think he's not legit, but just is asking around because his wife has been listening to DJ recently.

Any insights? Please leave them in the comments thread. Thanks!


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Comments on "Dr. David Jeremiah":
1. Bird - 05/01/2014 3:18 pm CDT

I listened to a few of his sermons on the radio a few years ago, and seem to recall liking him.

But take that for what it's worth. Dude may be a heretic for all I know.


2. Flyaway - 05/01/2014 9:06 pm CDT

My husband and I attended his church one Sunday when we were visiting relatives in San Diego. I have listened to him on the radio. He sounds solid theologically to me. I haven't detected any error yet. I believe he had cancer and has been through cancer treatment.

3. Flyaway - 05/01/2014 9:10 pm CDT

Here is what Wikipedia said: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Jeremiah

4. Shrode - 05/01/2014 11:26 pm CDT

Have heard only good things. I do think he's a premil dispy, but other than that pretty sure he's well within the camp of orthodoxy. Have met a lot of people who really like him.

5. Shrode - 05/01/2014 11:30 pm CDT

The real test would be in his statement of faith and sermons...here's one of those. from his website.

Statement of Faith
The church faith is expressed in that form of doctrine generally held by those known as Baptists, the distinguishing features of which are stated below.

As Baptists, we stand for the supreme authority of the Word of God as the only rule of faith and practice, as opposed to all human traditions.

We stand for the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as Christ enjoined them upon His followers; the same in number, in act, in order and in symbolic meaning, unchanged and unchangeable ‘til He comes again.

As a New Testament Church, we affirm our belief in the individual priesthood of the believer, in the verbal inspiration and authority of the Scriptures; in the Virgin Birth and essential Deity of our Lord; in His atoning death and bodily resurrection; in His ascension into Heaven and promised endowment of the Holy Spirit; in His personal, visible premillennial return and ultimate and undisputed Kingdom and reign.

We stand for a regenerated and spiritual church, holding that only those who have confessed a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord shall be received into this church or welcomed to its ordinances.

In church policy we believe:

That a Christian Church is a local congregation, under Christ complete in itself, sovereign and independent.

That Christ committed to each church the sole guardianship and control of the ordinances; i.e., preaching the Gospel, baptizing and administering the Lord’s Supper.

That all church rights and privileges are limited to the discipline of each local church.

That no semblance of ecclesiastical authority can be exercised except by a local church. The local church alone can elect, commission, and depose its officers, receive discipline and exclude its members.

6. Shrode - 05/01/2014 11:47 pm CDT

He's a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, has pastored only Baptist churches and frequently speaks at Dallas Theological Seminary and Moody Bible Institute. All that tells me a lot.
Christian. Baptist. Conservative (maybe even a bit fundamentalist). Dispensationalist. Affirms authority of Scripture.

Here's the faith statement from the church he pastors (shadow mountain community church) -


7. Richard - 05/02/2014 5:29 pm CDT

His dispensationalism is off-putting to me, but that's my issue, isn't it. Heard him give a sermon where he said the Reformers, Luther and Calvin, didn't go far enough for him. I tuned him out after that. Dispensationalism is problematic, the more I hear hard core dispensationalists, of which he seems to be a part.

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