"It is a pity that we know so much about Christ, and yet enjoy Him so little."

- Charles Spurgeon
Evangelism Linebacker

OK, Bird's plea for funny youtube videos led someone to post a link that led to this link, and I had to post it.

This just killed me.

"Get off the flo' and go do' to do'"

If you don't bust a gut watching this, I'll give you your money back.


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Comments on "Evangelism Linebacker":
1. Rong - 09/04/2007 10:55 am CDT

That's a riot - thanks for the good "rib splitter"!

2. Mandi - 09/04/2007 11:38 am CDT

I watched this at work and was eating my lunch. My diet coke literally flew out of my nose onto the computer screen. That was the funniest thing....thanks for the laugh.

3. Milly - 09/04/2007 4:17 pm CDT

ouch are you ready for game day?
love it

4. Brandi - 09/04/2007 4:25 pm CDT

Funny! Whoever did this vid did one for Easter too. It was hilarious! We saw it at a church in Houston last Easter (can't remember the name.)

5. maripat - 09/04/2007 7:24 pm CDT

Too funny! You had me bustin' a gut!

6. Bird - 09/04/2007 8:44 pm CDT

Yeah the Easter one is HILARIOUS too.

7. mopsy - 09/05/2007 6:48 am CDT

Could someone post a link to the hilarious Easter video?

8. Bryon Scott - 09/06/2007 5:01 pm CDT

We used this one in our Sunday service a couple of months ago. It got rave reviews there, too.

9. nhe - 09/13/2007 2:33 pm CDT

bad theology "salvation is man dependent", but funny, though it rips off the office linebacker Super Bowl commericial from a few years back

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