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Is Mac The New PC?

I shot an event this past weekend for Baylor University's business school. This gathering brought in several business men from around the nation and I was stunned with how many Mac laptops I saw. I believe Macs were in the majority! I'm used to thinking of stuffy business suit guys toting around IBM Thinkpads or whatever. (See the photo I grabbed below.)

Are Macs the new business PC?



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Comments on "Is Mac The New PC? ":
1. Karl - 03/02/2014 6:41 pm CST

I know I have seen them more often than I used to. Still in the minority among the lawyers I know, but definitely growing in number. Among other professions I think the percentage of Macs is growing even faster. So much (pretty much all) legal technology developed in the 80's and early 90's was exclusively PC/windows based that Macs were way behind and never had much of a foothold in the legal technology world at least that I am aware of.

2. Neo - 03/02/2014 9:07 pm CST

Meh, just toys. Developers and people that do real work use PCs.

3. Evan - 03/03/2014 11:57 am CST

I go along with Neo's comment. Yes, the top management and salespeople whose jobs mainly revolve around presentations, marketing, advertising, and networking can easily make the switch to Mac, because the applications they use are very simple and highly graphical. Those people are obviously the most visible to the public, and therefore it may look like there is a big switch going on.

But the work done by manufacturing, distribution, logistics, finance, accounting, storage, etc. which make up the large majority of business use and hardware purchases, will remain in large part on PC's. Apple has little or no software available even in most of those areas, so it isn't even an option.

4. Tony - 03/03/2014 12:46 pm CST

Bird, Many business workers whose companies participate in 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) or 'Bring Your Own Computer' (BYOC) programs, I've observed, take advantage of the reimbursement their company provides and then go out a buy a Macbook Air. If you are a salesman there is a 'good' image that Macbook Air's bring. So with BYOD(C), Mac's are making some in-roads with business America. I suspect that industry around the education sector would particularly favor Mac's (gotta keep up with these young hipsters).

With that said, Apple still is very consumer centered and because of that, they are very hard to deal with at a business level. If I wanted to buy 1000's iPad's for my company, I would have 1000 individual 'accounts' (as opposed to a single customer number). Not to mention if I'm buying 1000 of anything Apple, we are talking about spending more money than any of its rivals.

Also, because of the tablet craze, I almost think this Mac vs. PC thing is a thing of the past. The market, at least in America, has been saturated with all sorts of smartphones and tablets. There are talks that the Android O/S will be the new Windows someday, so is it Mac and PC vs. Android? There is almost this mentally of 'just give me a device with a browser so that I can get my Internet fix' - I don't care what it is.

5. iptv channle - 12/05/2014 6:09 am CST


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