"The more I read the New Age literature, the more I am struck by several facts. Almost none of it seriously wrestles with the historical and textual arguments put forward by serious Christians. New Age thought is insufferably fuzzy and inconsistent. Anthing it likes or can use, it rips out of its historic context and redeploys with new content, often made out of whole cloth. It almost never deals with evil, because it is most commonly pantheistic -- and religions that do not wrestle with the problems of human evil are blind beyond words. Worse, almost all of this multiplying thought is irremediably selfish. The aim of the exercise is self-fulfillment, self-actualization, serenity, productivity, power. God, if he/she/it exists, exists for me. And from a biblical perspective, it is this profound selfishness that lies at the heart of all human sin."

- D.A. Carson
More Posts Coming..

You've been warned. I'm back in the saddle. So start checking back regularly.

I'm sorry for the crickets that have been around here lately. But I just turned the lights back on. Swept away the cobwebs. Took the sheets off the chairs. I lit a fire in the fireplace and turned on the coffeepot.

Some come by often. Stay a while. Put your feet up. Thinklings is open for business.


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Comments on "More Posts Coming..":
1. Karl - 02/06/2014 1:36 pm CST

Good news.

2. NHE - 02/07/2014 7:55 am CST

Yes.....it is. When I clicked in here a few weeks ago, a tumbleweed bounced across my screen!

3. Shrode - 02/09/2014 8:07 am CST

See, I kept my word. The whole top half of the blog page is now current and hoppin....

So if you just showed up, and went "Whoa...what's happenin' here?" tell me under this post. Have you started coming back yet? Are you occupying a chair again or at least droppin by the doorway more regularly?

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