"The great danger of Christian discipleship is that we should have two religions: a glorious, biblical Sunday gospel that sets us free from the world, that in the cross and resurrection of Christ makes eternity alive in us, a magnificent gospel of Genesis and Romans and Revelation; and, then, an everyday religion that we make do with during the week between the time of leaving the world and arriving in heaven. We save the Sunday gospel for the big crises of existence. For the mudane trivialities, . . . we use the everyday religion of the Reader's Digest reprint, advice from a friend, an Ann Landers column, the huckstered wisdom of a talk-show celebrity. We practice patent-medicine religion: we know that God created the universe, . . . [b]ut we can't believe that he condescends to watch the soap opera of our daily trials and tribulations."

- Eugene Peterson
No More Barbers To Pay

I like this song. Has a very classic Stryper sound. Too bad there's a bit of a classic Stryper look in the video as well. Someone give these guys $20 to get some decent haircuts.


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Comments on "No More Barbers To Pay":
1. Tony - 03/05/2014 7:33 am CST

Pretty amazing - 50 year guys with all that hair! Symbol of youth - let them have hair :)

2. Karl - 03/05/2014 1:28 pm CST

Wow, Stryper is still around? Or did they disband and get back together? I saw them in concert in a high school auditorium back in the 80's. Don't think I ever owned any of their music. I did have a Petra tape, though.

3. NHE - 03/05/2014 2:00 pm CST

Wow, pretty good acoustics for no mics or equipment in the desert! I kinda dig it in a Motley Crew kind of way.

4. Bird - 03/05/2014 2:14 pm CST

Karl, yes. They disbanded and then got back together. I was never a mega fan, but did have one of their "greatest hits" collections in the 90s and I loved it. Supposedly this new album is supposed to be great.

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