"It is a pity that we know so much about Christ, and yet enjoy Him so little."

- Charles Spurgeon
On Cryptids and the Paranormal

Yes. I'm a boy.

Somewhere in my childhood I developed a fascination with the paranormal. Bigfoot. UFOs. Whatever. The one paranormal area I don't care much about is ghost investigation. I don't see a biblical precedent in speaking to the dead, and in reality if “ghosts” are really manifesting themselves to people then the origin has to be demonic. So ghosts are either about head games, delusions, or demons. I'll pass.

Bigfoot? That animal exists. I have no doubt.


UFOs? There's something metallic-looking that periodically appears in our skies. This “something” appears to defy the laws of physics. I have no idea what the “something” is. The most popular explanation is the extraterrestrial hypothesis. At this point, no one know. Unless the government knows and isn't telling us. But the government has never been known to hide anything, so no worries there. ;-)

Chupacabra? Mangy dog.

Lake monsters like Nessie and Champ? Sure, they're probably there, but I haven't looked into them too much.

Thunderbirds? Unlikely.

Can't think of anything else. If you have any favorite cyrptids or paranormal insights, leave a comment. The boy in me loves to talk about this stuff.


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Comments on "On Cryptids and the Paranormal":
1. Karl - 02/13/2014 12:21 pm CST

All of those things fascinate me too, and with regard to just about any one of them I can find myself on the verge of being convinced when talking with a true believer. In the end I'm skeptical or pessimistically agnostic about all of them.

Isn't there at least one possibility re. ghosts that you left off your list though - that they are actual human spirits (not delusions or demons, etc.)? Not that if they were such, the bottom line would necessarily be anything other than still "I'll pass." But the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost when they saw him on the water, Jesus proved to Thomas that he was flesh and blood and not just a ghost of himself, and Saul talked (apparently?) to the spirit of Samuel. If such things exist and aren't delusions or hoaxes, and if we're positing the paranormal anyway, why not also human spirits along with demons as a possibility?

The building I work in dates back to the early 1800's and local stories say there's a resident ghost. Two different paranormal-investigating groups have requested (and received) permission from the building's owner to spend the night in the building over the past few years. I've never seen ior heard the ghost, but I'm not too keen on staying in the building after dark by myself.

2. Bird - 02/13/2014 1:12 pm CST

But the disciples thought Jesus was a ghost when they saw him on the water, Jesus proved to Thomas that he was flesh and blood and not just a ghost of himself, and Saul talked (apparently?) to the spirit of Samuel.

I've thought about that angle before, but can't seem to accept it. I know that culturally back in biblical times there was a near-universal belief in ghosts as human spirits. But even though they were into that belief back then that doesn't meant it was based on truth. Besides, seems that most accounts of ghosts that I hear about these days just seem to have a demonic feel to them, plus the idea of communicating with the dead is a big no-no in the bible.

3. Flyaway - 02/13/2014 6:16 pm CST

I think that God controlled the demonic spirit the medium called up for Saul--but in the end it meant death for Saul.

My favorite UFO fantasy is Revelation 21: 9-27. I imagine this gigantic, awesome, bejeweled, beyond imagination, space ship of the Holy City coming down out of heaven from God slowly descending in all it's glory. I can't wait for this space ship to come down to earth!

4. Bird - 02/14/2014 7:15 am CST

Flyaway, yep. There's something very paranormal about the bible. :-)

5. Neo - 02/14/2014 11:54 pm CST

Of everything "paranormal", it's Near Death experiences that fascinate me the most. Not only are NDEs fascinating accounts of people in brain-dead situations being able to recall conversational details from far off locations, but just ask any run of the mill athie to give a credible explanation and watch 'em squirm. It's great stuff.

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