"Christ demands a response of infinite passion, either of hatred or of love."

- Soren Kierkegaard
Perhaps Middle Earth Was On Vulcan?


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Comments on "Perhaps Middle Earth Was On Vulcan?":
1. Neo - 11/08/2013 8:50 am CST

Something about Nimoy and the Spock character saddens me, as it represents a cold, emotionless atheism, reliant on "reason" alone paradoxically in what they would call "a random, meaningless universe." Spock in Trek IV refers to the Creation account as "according to myth", and even in the last, atrocious Star Trek film, there's a scene were Quinto Spock makes a cold rebuttal to the remark of a "miracle" taking place, saying "there is no such thing." He's no hero to me, but rather he's a sad representation of the cold hopelessness of the hardened unbeliever.

Sorry to go off on that rant.

2. Tony - 11/09/2013 6:29 am CST

This indeed is/was bizarre. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was still alive - lol.

It makes the reference in the Audi commercial funnier though. I wondered why old Spock was singing that song in the commercial.

3. Tony - 11/09/2013 6:46 am CST

Neo, you are right on. You have to admit though, ST The Next Generation, with the Picard crew, tried to take the whole 'human's evolving to the next level' to the extreme. With the new ST movies they seemed to have abandoned this concept/idea. I'm sure it is mainly to attract a younger 'rebellious' type audience but I can't help but think that current politics (with right becoming more right and left being more liberal) not to mention our hyper delivery of news nowadays (pointing out every 'sin' that occurs around the globe), human's evolving would be more unbelievable than it has ever been.

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