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Tangible Bible Reading

This is a Bible that I keep on my desk at work. It's small, 5" x 3.5". I've had it for 17 years or so.

bible 2

I'm a Kindle guy. I love the ease reading on my Kindle. I love that I don't have to flip pages, that I can easily read it in bright sunlight, and that I have the equivalent of three bookshelves in my pocket.

But my Kindle can't match the feeling of a good Bible in my hands. Ninety-nine percent of my Bible reading is done the old fashioned way. It just feels better.

How are you reading your Bible these days?


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Comments on "Tangible Bible Reading":
1. Karl - 02/18/2014 12:37 pm CST

My wife loves her Nook and I've used it some too; no question it's pretty cool. But nothing beats (for me) the sensory experience of a real book. The Bible is no exception and if anything I feel even stronger about it w/ the Bible than with other books. Just an aesthetic preference for me. Although, as much as I am online I do quite a bit of reading of the Bible on the computer, too. But that is more a case of looking up or researching stuff, doing studies, etc. When sitting down to read whole passages, chapters or books I prefer the actual book.

2. Tony - 02/18/2014 4:22 pm CST

I'm in Karl's boat. I use Biblegateway for researching my small group study - if I have to jump all over the Bible looking up passages but when I read chapters at a time there is no substitute with reading the Bible in book format.

Interestingly enough, my oldest teenage daughter prefers books over nooks. I wonder if e-readers are a bit faddish and books will fall into the same category of the paperless office - nice idea, but I'm still printing paper at home & work. Likewise traditional books will be around for years to come. I wouldn't mind seeing Amazon having continued competition and us consumers having choice either.

3. Bill - 02/18/2014 10:03 pm CST

I am good with my Kindle for most things except the Bible. Like others, when it comes to studying, looking at commentaries, etc, I'm good with esvbible.org and other resources. But for daily reading, I need the physical Book.

4. NHE - 02/20/2014 3:17 pm CST

It kind of depends. If I'm doing message or group leader prep, I like using my IPad.

If I'm sitting in the actual group or just sitting down to read, I like the smell of coffee and/or beer and real leather.

5. Daniel Ross - 02/25/2014 9:46 am CST

I do my daily reading via the YouVersion app on my iPhone. If I have a question, I'll grab my ESV study bible to find out more.

6. G Frederick - 03/10/2014 8:07 pm CDT

It's strange as I am almost a despot when it comes to my Kindle with the sole exception being the Bible. I have tried, quite unsuccessfully, to convert all my friends and family to Kindle yet I give my friend at church a lot of grief for using her iPad in church to read the Bible. I can give numerous, though obviously unsatisfying or unconvincing arguments for the superiority of the Kindle to "real" books, but I cannot read my Bible on the Kindle (though I have three translations on it); I just NEED to hold MY BIBLE in my hands as I read. I have some highly personal and emotional reasons for it, but it still seems a bit bipolar to me to have such a need for the Bible in "real" book form and all other books in eform.

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