"Kids' needs are rarely "convenient." What they require in order to succeed rarely comes cheaply. To raise them well will require daily sacrifice of many kinds, which has the wonderful spiritual effect of helping mold us into the character of Jesus Christ himself. God invites us to grow beyond ourselves and to stop acting as though our dreams begin and end with us. Once we have children, we cannot act and dream as though we had remained childless."

- Gary Thomas
We Need A Like Button



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Comments on "We Need A Like Button":
1. stroke - 02/06/2014 4:55 pm CST

shouldn't it be like a "this goes hard" button? or something more thinkling-y?

2. Bird - 02/06/2014 5:21 pm CST

Yes! A Goes Hard button works perfectly. Get on that, Stroke.

3. Shrode - 02/06/2014 6:06 pm CST

Does that mean, that in the spirit of fairness, we'll have to have a "don't like" button too?

4. Bird - 02/07/2014 7:07 am CST

Nah, other venues don't have like and don't like. After thinking about it, I think a like button would be the best since most people won't know what "goes hard" means anyway. ;-)

5. Karl - 02/07/2014 10:52 am CST

In some venues you can "vote up" or "vote down" a post. That too often leads to hard feelings, though.

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