"All that is good should also please us, always and everywhere and in every creature. We must protect and support goodness with solicitude, and resist boldly those who combat it."

- St. Thomas Aquinas
What Happened In Church Today?

When you went to worship with your church today what happened that was good or that God used to reveal himself?

Was it something the Pastor said from God's word, something someone said to you in the hall, a song you sang, a life changed by the power of the Gospel?

Whether it was big or small, tell me what you got out of worship today under comments. Let us praise God with you.


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Comments on "What Happened In Church Today?":
1. Flyaway - 02/09/2014 10:36 am CST

We had a guest speaker. He has a heart for the lost. I was so encouraged that there are people like him out there working so hard. I'm praying that all Christians could have that heart for the lost!

2. Karl - 02/09/2014 4:54 pm CST

"Nobody can be perfect. That's why we need Jesus. That's why we need grace."

Basic gospel message and comforting reminder of grace, at our church this morning.

3. Tom Kelly - 02/09/2014 5:09 pm CST

My pastor confessed to preaching the grace of God for many years and believing it for others but not really believing it for his proud self.

The congregation surrounded him and prayed for him.

4. NHE - 02/09/2014 7:37 pm CST

My pastor confessed to preaching the grace of God for many years and believing it for others but not really believing it for his proud self.

The congregation surrounded him and prayed for him.

Awesome....all I can say is that the same God showed up at my church today, in Word and sacrament. He always has, and He always will.

5. Bill - 02/09/2014 9:56 pm CST

We're currently going through a series on Galatians. Each week our pastor has had someone from the congregation share their Freedom story. One of the ladies from our church shared about her life - the pain of brokenness in her family growing up, a father who died when she was fifteen and never said he loved her, eating disorders in her teens, more brokenness in her marriage and divorce and how Jesus has freed her from what she termed was her prison of shame and self-condemnation. She is a godly woman of quiet grace, beloved in the church. Many of us didn't know her full story and there were few dry eyes. Following this, our pastor delivered a gospel-soaked message on Galatians 3. We then studied Romans 6 in the College and Young Singles class - so lots and lots of freedom in Christ as the theme today. It was a great Sunday.

6. British Nathan - 02/10/2014 8:13 am CST

This quote in the reading: "Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven."

Flippin' 'eck. I mean I know the explanation of heart-righteousness vs legalism etc., but... my earnest desire for the kingdom doesn't come close to Nicodemus or Joseph of Aramathea (spelling?). "You will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Gosh. V challenged.

7. David Axberg - 02/10/2014 12:30 pm CST

I Timothy was a letter from Paul to Timothy it was personal. It was so Paul could show Timothy (I Tim 3:15) "how one ought to behave in the household of God." and that the church is to be "a pillar and a buttress of truth." Wow! Paul loved Timothy but he loved Christ more! Keep the faith Timothy and me;-)

8. Jared - 02/10/2014 9:21 pm CST

2 Sundays ago we had an older fellow pass out and had to stop the service to call 911 and wait for responders and tend to him.

He is okay -- 91 year old guy, WWII vet, Hellcat pilot -- but it was a vivid reminder to all of us that we are not promised our next breath. Was also strange that this happened b/c at the beginning of the sermon I said, "IF you survive to the end of the sermon, you will hear the meaning of life," and we basically thought this guy had died during the message.

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