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Hello I’m Roger Waddell. I’m a dad and husband to my beautiful wife Helena. I’m a businessman working for a firm in Oglesby, Texas, where I have lived for a number of years now. I moved here from a small town in Nebraska where I grew up. I had a lot of fun memories there, but the life I lived back then is all closed, and my parents have since passed away. I am now living a completely different life with my family, and I love it here.

It’s my passion in life to explore new things, cultures, food, lifestyle changes and things that might instil new life and drama into my life. So, in recently, I made a decision to write a blog. The content I write about is things I have discovered in life along the way. As I am a businessman, a lot of what I write about is to do with business, but not just business, things about the house, DIY, finance and lifestyle in general.

I initially started to build this blog as a hobby in the beginning and to become an outlet for me where I can express my inner self and the knowledge, I have attained through my walking life.

I believe that educating yourself across a range of subjects will provide that all important balance in life and place you on a better, more successful, fulfilled path in life. My aim, therefore, is to provide a broad spectrum of education from things that I have discovered and skills I’ve acquired throughout my journey of life.

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I look to get inspired so I can inspire you.