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Barbados, a Pearl in the Middle of the Caribbean

The island of Barbados is of coral origin, for this reason it does not have large mountains, but you can enjoy impressive coral reefs along the entire coast, especially in the west and south of the island. For scuba diving, the area with the white sand beaches, the part that faces the Caribbean Sea, is better. While for surfing, the coast that faces the Atlantic Ocean, the east coast of the island, is better.

The earliest form of literature is oral literature, consisting of a rich folktale tradition, humerous Barbados literature about legends and myths, and songs and poetry.

Caribbean oral literature also thrives in proverbs, riddles, and sayings that reinterpret African, European, and East Indian traditions. There are (spider trickster) stories, animal dilemma tales, which typically teach a moral lesson, stories of village life or evil women, tall tales, and speeches.

The island of Barbados, considered by many to be the “pearl of the Caribbean” is located in the easternmost part of the Windward Islands. Its situation makes it the loneliest since it is a little separated from the line of the other Caribbean islands of the Small Antilles. On the one hand, this allows you to avoid the terrible hurricanes that, for example, hit other islands, such as Dominica. And on the other hand, it allows you to be in contact with the Atlantic Ocean, which overlooks the east coast of the island. Thus, the west coast is much calmer since the sea that bathes it is the Caribbean. This is one of the reasons why the largest population of Barbados is concentrated near its capital, Bridgetown, in Carlisle Bay, as well as all the tourist offer which is also concentrated in the most Caribbean part of the island.

It is not an island with great mountains, as the highest is 336 meters above sea level and is called Mount Hillaby. In addition, unlike the other Windward Islands, Barbados is an island of “coral” origin, that is, it is a biological formation due to the intense coral activity in the area. For this reason, its beaches are made of fine white sand surrounded by coral reefs where you can spend hours and hours snorkeling or scuba diving. Of course, one piece of advice is that you should be sure to put on a good skin protector against the sun’s rays because there is so much beauty underwater that it is easy to forget that your back is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Thus, we see that to do calmer water sports such as diving into the water, spending hours diving, observing the corals or simply resting and relaxing on a tropical beach, the beaches in the southern and western parts of the island of Barbados are ideal. But if what you want is a little more, wild sea and marine currents, the indicated side is the east, where you can practice surfing, yes, with enough caution due to the currents.

Barbados has a clear British influence because two of the islanders’ favorite sports are golf and cricket. In addition, it is very popular to go for a walk, shop or have drinks at night. Of course, Barbados is not a very cheap island, so we must be careful with excessive purchases. On the other hand, the climate of the island allows you to enjoy temperatures that range between twenty-five and thirty degrees throughout the year. Being from June to October its rainy season.