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Decoration Ideas And Order With Shelves

Many times we saturate the shelves with books and decorative objects. This means that they are not aesthetically neat or pretty.

Do not miss these ideas of decoration and order with shelves to have your house in perfect order, with a lot of personality and the latest fashion.

Distributes the visual weight

It is time to think about how to distribute everything you want to put on your shelf.

The rule of thumb is to divide objects by visual weight . Large items never have to go on the same shelf to distribute the shelf volume.

If you have no other option, leave space between them to create a neat space effect.

Goodbye to bathroom cabinets with doors

The shelves in the bathroom are a rising trend. They are carried open, of different sizes and materials.

In small bathrooms it allows to increase the vertical space and thus make the most of the space with large storage capacity. You will see how your bathroom seems bigger.

If the bathroom is large, you can fill it and give it life with a shelf and some decorative element : plants, candles and even vases.

Keeping the bathroom in order is not so complicated anymore!

Like a library

If you keep your papers in boxes and cabinets where finding them is always an odyssey, put them on a shelf inside filing cabinets that match the deco. You will be amazed at how many beautiful filing cabinets there are!

Try alternating some books horizontally and others vertically for a more sophisticated touch.

Shelves without excess

Open shelving can be a perfect decoration element for your home, but beware! Don’t pile it all up. All objects on a shelf have to be balanced.

A trick so that your bookshelf does not seem chaotic and with a feeling of excess is to choose a color range .

Choose objects of the same tonality and your bookshelf will begin to relax.

Store and decorate

The shelves, in addition to being a decorative element, are our great allies to save space.

Place baskets or boxes that adapt to the decoration, do not choose the first one you see, and place them combining with the decorative objects.