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How To Become A Better Person In Just 7 Days

Max De Pree once stated that you cannot be who you want to become by staying the same as yourself. Your goal is to be a better leader or entrepreneur, parent, teacher, tutor, mentor, and businessman.

We can all strive to do better, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

This aspiration, which is to continually improve, change and grow, is what keeps us moving forward. Even though we are already successful, it is what we do that will make tomorrow a success.

You can also look back and regret not doing better.

It is now that you can start. For the next seven days, here are seven questions. These questions will challenge you to think boldly, be honest with your answers, and then put what you have learned into practice. The next seven days will be your masterclass in how to become a better person.

Day 1: What does it sound like to you?

Listen to what you have to say to others and yourself before you start the day. How it sounds can tell you a lot about your thinking. Are you positive or negative? Do you feel joy or sadness? Acceptance or judgement?

You will be able to choose your thoughts and change your speech and behaviour. Today is the day you start to sound the way that you want.

Day 2: What should I continue to learn?

You can’t learn if you feel you know all there is to it. Ask yourself what you are still learning. It could be a new skill or a new way of learning, or a new area of study.

You can’t learn if you don’t want to, but you can learn if you’re determined. Today is the first day of your new learning plan.

Day 3: How can you be more determined?

Being more determined means being more present. This makes you more available to others as well as yourself. David Viscott says, “The purpose and goal of life is to discover your gifts.” It is the work of life to discover it. Giving your gift is the meaning of life.

What can you do to become more focused, accessible, and present today? Your story matters, your voice matters and you were created to make an impact. Today is the day that you set your intention and focus on your goal.

Day 4: How do I be a better role model for others?

When you learn to love yourself and respect your role model, it is effective. This is a privilege position that allows you to explore your values and become a better person.

It’s not about trying to be someone else, it’s about being authentic with yourself, with all of your strengths and weaknesses, and living in that truth. Today is the day that you become a role model. Be you, be the best, and do all things with excellence.

Day 5: Whom do I have to forgive?

Ask forgiveness where in your life. Where can you let go anger? Who have you been torn, hurt, or caused you pain in the past? You can make a difference today by making amends for the wrongs in your life. You can forgive anyone, no matter who it is.

Day 6: How do I make it work with love?

Ovid, a Roman poet, said:

“Love is the only way to love”

The best way to increase love in your life is to surround it with love. Love your partner, family, friends, co-workers, bosses, clients, teachers, and yourself. Treat everyone as a friend.

Don’t expect anything in return for giving your whole self. Today is the day you realize that unconditional love can make everything possible. There is no significant inflection shift. All that is needed is love.

Day 7: How do you cultivate a gratitude attitude?

It is time to be grateful on the last day in the week you have started a better lifestyle. Recollect your week and be grateful for what you have, who you are becoming, and what you are achieving. What makes you happy? What is your greatest achievement?

It’s not enough to think about it. Be grateful for the good and the bad. They will bring you strength, growth, and empathy. Today is the beginning of a sense of gratitude that will grow over the course of the day. Being grateful helps us to appreciate what we have.

Every day offers you a chance to become a better person than yesterday. You will reap the rewards of a life filled with great growth and accomplishment if you are open to these opportunities.