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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

There are traits shared by all successful realtors, regardless of their personality. Therefore, we are going to analyze all those details that differentiate a good real estate advisor from the perfect realtor.

When deciding to sell a house, the same doubts always arise, Do I do it on my own or contract a real estate agency? And if I finally want to sell with the help of someone, what type of agency is best for me? How to find a realtor I can trust and feel comfortable with?  Precisely, the objective of this article is to answer all these questions, in a simple and concise way.

How should the perfect real estate agent be?

A fundamental skill in the real estate market is good communication. The more information flows within the team and between the advisor and the parties – seller and buyer – the faster and safer the operation will be.

Another element to highlight is the degree of knowledge that the real estate consultant has of his area of ​​action, whether it is a single province, an entire Autonomous Community or even at a national or international level. This factor will be determined by the years of experience and the solidity of the business alliances with other related sectors.

Logically, we cannot ignore the particular skills of each agent and the connection or complicity created between the professional and the client. But certain qualities are common in almost all the professional profiles that have been analyzed, such as: Being extroverted, having excellent negotiating power or firmness of character and self-confidence.

Peculiarities of the real estate sector

We have become accustomed to a very specific image of the real estate agent, in which he/she always appears in a suit and tie. Although the way of dressing does not define a good real estate consultant, but the confidence and tranquility that he/she manages to transmit to his clients pays a key role.

Given that the real estate market is one of the businesses with the highest movement in almost every country in the world, and where not even in times of pandemic have transactions been completely paralyzed, it is logical to understand the great importance in the figure of the perfect real estate agent.

However, despite being one of the sectors that generates the most income, there is no formal training to access this job in many countries yet.

In addition, as a consequence of the exponential growth experienced before the bursting of the real estate bubble, many people from other professions burst into the commercialization of real estate. Either as employees or opening their own agency as franchisees.

Hard work and hard data

But at the end of the boom season, there are owners who are still looking for fairy godmothers to sell their house just by wanting it. Unfortunately, magic formulas do not exist. That is why it is so important to transmit real expectations to the seller.

To the attributes that we have listed before, we should add the many hours of effort and tireless perseverance, since the days of real estate consultants can easily last 12 hours, 6 days a week.

Of course, what works for one person may not work for another. Either because the markets have different rhythms or because the way of proceeding for each professional is diametrically opposed.

However, researching and keeping abreast of developments in the industry is an essential part of this job. The perfect real estate agent has the obligation to know the general trend of the market and the peculiarities of his locality.

Selling a villa on the outside of Los Angeles is completely different from buying and selling an old rental house in the center of the city. That is why it is essential to know where the real estate agency or independent agent that we are going to hire is specialized.

Types of real estate agent

Apart from all the characteristics that they may have in common, there are different types of real estate consultants:

In-home real estate agent.

Independent real estate agent.

Associate real estate agent.

The first is one more employee of the company, with a fixed salary and commissions based on sales. These advisors are characterized by being calm, since they enjoy more stable working circumstances and do not risk their salary in each operation.

On the other side, the independent real estate agent is usually self-employed. Which means they pay their own social security, they can work for various agencies and their monthly earnings totally depend on the number of trades they make. They have fixed expenses every month, despite not having obtained any profit. This makes it a more aggressive profile, with a strong will when it comes to negotiating.

And regarding the associated real estate agent, they may be self-employed, although they may also have a work and service contract, or other agreement, with a certain agency. So, they are supported by a third party, but, at the same time, they manage their own client portfolio. This allows them freedom of schedule, although they must cultivate each of the relationships with potential clients by themselves.

Conclusions about the perfect real estate agent

In short, this profession is marked by external factors, such as the economic situation of the country and the evolution of the market and some internal elements such as the experience of the real estate agent, collaboration agreements with related services and the ability to adapt to new business models.

Today all companies, regardless of the sector they belong to, have had to transform into the digital environment, and real estate agencies are not the exception. Technological progress has brought a revolution in real estate to the point of coining its own term: Proptech or retech, coming from the sum of Property Technology and Real Estate Technology.

In addition, real estate portals are essential at the moment. All agencies use this type of platform to market their properties. But some of them have gone a step further, digitizing practically 100% of their services in such a way that they have lowered costs and streamlined procedures, which allows them to offer very competitive rates.

So in conclusion, in order to find the perfect real estate agent to sell your house, you’ll need to evaluate the options and choose the one that seems to have the skills and experience mentioned in this article.