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How To Decorate A Section Of A Room To Become A Work From Home Space

One of the things that we are going to remember this year, occupationally speaking, is the leap of many companies to telemarketing. It seems that telemarketing has come to stay, or shall I say, partially here to stay.

According to experts in the world of work, our home workspace must meet minimum requirements to be optimal.

These are the things that cannot be missing in your home office:

  • A source of natural light
  • Order, order and more order
  • Storage tools
  • An ergonomic chair
  • All the material you need in sight
  • Soft tones

This personal corner should be a space that defines our personality , that talks about us and our work. It is a place where we feel comfortable, at ease and where we can unleash our abilities to be as efficient as possible.

To do this, we will need to incorporate objects that feed our inspiration .

In addition to personal items, there are some elements necessary for our home office to fulfill its function.

A desk just for you

The table is one of the most important points of the workspace and there are different types depending on our needs.

A straight desk

These types of tables are usually the most used when we set up a space like this at home.

It is important that when choosing the color or finish of the table, it is a tone that contrasts with the walls so that it is visually comfortable. We also advise you to opt for neutral or light colors.

A desk with shapes

If you want to give a modern touch to the table you can include a desk with shapes. So while you renew the appearance of your home, you can take better advantage of the space and the shape of the room or corner.

A desk with drawers

If you are one of those who needs office supplies, such as paper, pens, staplers etc … A desk with drawers will help you to have everything at your fingertips but always keeping an order, very necessary for concentration.

A desk with bookshelf

We love this type of desk. It helps us to have papers, folders, books, office supplies on hand … in short: everything we need to carry out our work and also helps us make the most of the space .

There are different types of shelves, but we recommend modular shelves that will help you organize the space based on the available space and your storage needs.

A really comfortable chair

If you are going to be sitting in the chair for 8 hours , you need it to be comfortable.

An ergonomic chair will help you take care of your back , during the hours you spend working.

Also, if the table is high, we recommend a footrest to keep your back straight.

A touch of artificial light

Light is one of the most important parts of an office. Good lighting is vital to work comfortably and maintain good eyesight.

In addition, by placing the table near a window to receive direct natural light, you can add a table lamp to your desk .

You can choose between the typical flexo or opt for something more modern ??

A moodboard

A moodboard is an inspiration board .

If we go back a few years, it is the typical cork with notes that we placed on the table with notes but much more elaborate.

Normally it is widely used by creative profiles but it can be used to organize the day-to-day of any profession.

There are different types depending on the information you need to collect.

Green I want you green

We couldn’t finish this post without including some plants in our personal work corner.

Plants help us to oxygenate body and soul , give a touch of color to our office and provide warmth.

They are the perfect co-worker !

As you can see, with a little ingenuity and order you can prepare the perfect corner for the return to work.

Do not forget to add a personal object that talks about you and your work